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Our Path Towards Continued Success is Driven by the Needs of our Clients

With dedicated employees, unsurpassed supply chain expertise, and an exceptional suite of integrated solutions, M33 will continue to intelligently adapt and grow with industry changes and our clients.

From our humble beginnings to our promising future, we are dedicated to the success of our clients. Our commitment is to provide a superior co-management support structure to effortlessly respond to evolving market conditions and client demands.

Established in 1998 as a Truckload Carrier Agency, M33 Integrated has since evolved into a full-service logistics provider. Founding brothers, Scott and Sammy Riddle, identified early on that the tech boom of the 1990s was an explosive opportunity to develop an innovative Transportation Management System (TMS) that could be paired with scalable outsourced logistics services to support the complex operations of a client’s evolving transportation needs.

Early clients recognized M33 for its carrier expertise, collaboration among other clients, and dedication to service. Driven by the evolving demands of a growing client list, M33 aggressively developed solutions that integrated the distribution channels of the collective client network, thereby maximizing freight activity and leveraging collaborative efforts.

Today, due to adaptive technology that embraces ongoing innovative transformations, we have the highest retention rate in the 3PL industry. Our advanced technological tools and logistics services allow our clients to operate better, faster and more efficiently. While our proud history has propelled us to where we are today, we clearly recognize that our path towards continued success is driven by the advancing needs of our clients.