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Inbound Logistics

Improve Visibility, Control and Savings Across Your Entire Supply Chain

When control of inbound freight is in the hands of vendors, co-packers and suppliers, many gaps can occur that affect transportation costs. A solid inbound transportation plan will increase visibility across the entire supply chain and help reduce costs & confusion, improve service, minimize delays and ensure carrier compliance.

Through our partnership with M33, we have been able to lower our overall transportation costs while at the same time more effectively managing risk, ultimately making us a better organization.
VP North American Distribution | Building Materials

Increase Visibility

Without visibility, it is difficult to proactively define gaps within your supply chain. M33 built, maintains and regularly updates its own transportation management system (TMS), Blackbeard®. The Blackbeard TMS Suite includes Vendor Portal functionality that allows your suppliers and trading partners to interact with your inbound shipping and compliant carrier requirements without revealing your inbound rates. Through cloud-based delivery they are able to access the TMS directly to create and manage only their inbound shipments to you based on the permissions you wish them to have. This technology offers the visibility needed to achieve optimal growth and control over inbound transportation.

Inbound Management Solutions Include:

  • Carrier Vetting
  • Market Rate Quoting
  • Vendor Routing Compliance
  • Order Optimization
  • Performance and Cost Benchmarking
  • Freight Bill Audit and Pay
  • KPI Reporting & Trending
  • Real-time Data & Tracking

Guaranteed Commitment and Service

With increased visibility and a good inbound transportation plan, you’ll have a better understanding of your true cost of goods and the associated transportation rates. M33 will help you remove uncertainty in transportation costs and provide key insights necessary to drive growth for your business by consistently bringing process improvements to inbound material flow.