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Blackbeard® Technology Suite

The cloud-based Blackbeard Technology Suite provides clients with
easy-to-use, workflow-oriented transportation management solutions.

The technology suite and its solutions were designed by users, for users and built to proactively
manage real-world opportunities and challenges.

M33 brings creative ideas in transportation management that’s geared to control and reduce freight spend. Without the right people and technology, it is nearly impossible. The team effort M33 brings to the partnership drives continuous improvement and significant savings.
President | Flexible Packaging

Full-Service TMS

M33 is the exclusive developer and provider of the Blackbeard Suite, a full-service transportation management system (TMS). Blackbeard is an innovative and feature-rich cloud-based TMS that goes beyond the traditional transportation management software. Innovative approaches to traditional functions proactively give operators exactly what they need to see during the lifespan of a shipment, when they need to see it. With this strategic approach to visibility and execution, Blackbeard helps operate more efficiently and cost-effectively while keeping control of day-to-day transportation activity.

Feature-Rich Functionality Includes:

  • Shipment Routing
  • Multiple Carrier Quotes
  • Carrier Management
  • Shipment Execution
  • Track and Trace
  • Freight Bill Audit and Payment

Inbound Vendor Management

The Blackbeard Suite offers a range of functionality that can help in managing your transportation needs, including vendor management and inbound shipments. Vendor Purchase Order information can be fed into Blackbeard and used to create shipments and manage inbound carrier compliance. Vendors can log into the TMS Vendor Portal to create inbound shipments and associated documents to your rules and constraints while limiting access to proprietary information such as rates.

24/7 Operational Support

A TMS is only as good as the people using it, and this is where we excel. The Blackbeard Suite is designed to be used as much or as little as you choose. Backing our technology is a truly live Global Operations Center that operates 24/7. Our logistics specialists are a highly dedicated team built on the M33 Co-Management Approach with logistics expertise unmatched in the industry. Our specialists and cloud-based technology can seamlessly integrate with your team to offer support for diverse transportation and shipping needs.

Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

Our transportation management technology doesn’t end with the shipment going out the door; data is a key element of our technology. The Business Intelligence component of the Blackbeard Suite collects and manages an enormous amount of data that is integrated from multiple sources and transformed into valuable information for predictive forecasting, trend analysis and interactive reporting. Together, we will develop the right deck of metrics that align with your overall organizational goals.

Industry-Leading Technology & Expertise

With unsurpassed logistics expertise and our co-management approach, M33 can help offload tedious tasks and free your internal resources to focus on core competencies. When utilized with our feature-rich Blackbeard TMS Suite, this approach ensures your business stays ahead of evolving market conditions and customer demands, and allows you to establish a foundation for continued growth.