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To 3PL or Not to 3PL: An Overview of Third Party Logistics Outsourcing

The third party logistics (3PL) industry plays a central role in managing domestic and global supply chains. 3PL providers help companies’ lower transportation costs, improve on-time performance, and even reduce carbon emissions by increasing cargo weight and running fewer shipping routes. Process expertise, customized services, economies of scale and state-of-the-art information technology (IT) result from serving a number of shipper customers and maintaining long-term relationships, and are among the key factors that make 3PLs valuable to their customers.

Shippers, Carriers, 3PLs and the Looming Truckload Capacity Storm

Freight is always on the move, but many in the shipping and trucking industry see signs that domestic trucking capacity is constrained. In this uncertain environment where securing adequate truck capacity is becoming more challenging and complex, more shippers are turning to third party logistics (3PLs) providers to co-manage or outsource their shipping and logistics operations outright.

Transportation Management Systems Solutions: The Workhorse of Logistics

TMS is a technology solution that supports both planning and execution solutions for freight moves involving transportation assets owned by a company. For logistics professionals charged with the profitable movement of freight, TMS leverages transportation efficiencies, provides real-time dashboards and enables better decision-making, while handling many other tasks.